Are you using video to grow your business?

This unconventional editing system produces Fortune 500 quality videos that help you grow your brand, make more sales, and generate top-notch leads…

Without paying even a fraction of what an in-house editing team would cost.

What is “The Conveyor Belt Method”?

This is the system top brands like Anheuser-Busch, Harley-Davidson, Nerf, Camaro and more use to produce high quality videos that get results.

But, it’s never been brought into the world of everyday businesses—UNTIL NOW.

After 15 years behind the scenes for some of the biggest brands in the world—I’m bringing this exact same system to people like you so we can revolutionize the video editing experience for businesses that don’t have the budget to pay $100k+ for a commercial campaign.

This means you can get the equivalent of a seasoned and professional in-house video editor that creates consistent turnkey videos that impact your prospects, customers, and audience…

Without paying even a fraction of what an in-house editing team would cost.

My Name’s Dan Bennett…

And I’ve spent over 15 years leading production teams for top brands that would often pay upwards of $35,000 for just one video campaign.

I traveled all over the U.S. doing this work, but none of it was truly fulfilling.

So, I decided to take the same systems these corporate giants were using to generate millions with video…

And give them to online business owners like you

There’s a reason why top online businesses and admired video creators emphasize production quality…

It’s because everything – trust, sales, buying confidence – all ties back to how you show up on video.

Which is why I’d like to offer you a free video production evaluation.

In just 30 minutes, I’ll help you uncover how you can grow your brand, make more sales, and get more leads from your videos…

During Your Video Production Evaluation We Will:

1  Assess exactly where you stand with video today

2  Lay out your business goals for the next 6-12 months and how a top-notch video strategy can help you get there faster

3  Show you a system you can use to leverage the power of video effectively and immediately.

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