Become a Video ContentPROIn Just 4 Weeks!

Don’t get left behind by your competition who are figuring out how to look, sound, and present great on camera!

Follow a proven step-by-step process created by a 15-Year Video Production Professional that will leave you feeling more Confident, Comfortable, and Impactful on camera.

The 4-week Video Content Pros Cohort Course will take away all the pain and difficulty of making great video content, so you can just focus on being awesome!



Has to Say About “Video Content Pros” Founder
Dan Bennett

The Video Content Pro Difference



“I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the “Video Content Pros” course if you want to take your video to the next level. It’s not just about the look of it, but it’s the strategy and execution that was so helpful.

– Julia Toothacre, Founder of Ride The Tide Collective



“Dan helped me build out a cohesive strategy for my brand, and now I feel like I can comfortably jump on camera and hit record anytime I have a new story to tell.”

– Derek Miller, Founder of Genius Lab Gear



“The very first zoom meeting I got on after working with Dan, the person on the other side just said – Wow, you are a pro! and coming off as professional is what I was after”

– Jordan Godbey, Founder of Growth Community



“I had a challenging situation with my room layout and Dan was great with helping me work around those limiations and create a background with more depth and an overall higher quality look and feel.”

– Lukas , Founder of CortexFutura



“Before I met Dan my bookcases and I were alone in a room I called a home office.
With Dan’s guidance I added a camera, light configuration, and learned just enough
to transform the space into a legit video content studio.”

– David Preston, Founder of Open Source Learning Network



“I knew if I was going to help other professionals create great content,
I needed to look and sound great myself. Dan helped me do just that!”

– Wyatt Steed, Founder of 30 Days of Content

Have you ever felt like..?

Offline You Are a Total ProBut on Camera You Feel More Like an Amateur.

Figuring out how to make your videos look professional is hard…

– It eats up your time.
– The countless Google searches on gear.
– Hours binging YouTube tutorials about DIY home studios.
– Then piecing together advice from all corners of the Internet.

It all adds up.

When you watch the final video edit or the zoom replay, it falls short of your expectations.

It’s clear you know what you’re talking about. 

But the enticing message and natural camera confidence aren’t there and it could be costing you clients and money as the competition separates itself from you.

The “Video Content Pros” Cohort Course

Now Comes With 12 Months of Premium Access to

the Video For Entrepreneurs Community

Absolutely FREE! ($960 Value)

For Ongoing Support and Education.


Hi, I’m Dan
Video Pro and Creator of
Video Content Pros

I’ve Helped Hundreds of Entrepreneurs Learn How to Look and Sound Great on Camera. Growing Their Confidence, Audience, and Revenue as a Result.

I’m Taking Years of Knowledge and Expertise Working With Some of the Biggest Brands in the World and Bringing it All To You!


 A 4-Week Transformation Process that will change you from  “Video Dabbler” to “Content Pro”

You will discover my unique
🪐”Solar System Methodology”🚀
that will provide a base for:

  • Establishing Proven Strategies for “Video Ideation”, “Content Strategy”, and “Content Distribution Planning” – All fancy ways of saying, you’ll leave with a killer strategy!


  • Reducing the gap between having a great idea and comfortably hitting the record button.
    Unless you are in the shower when a great idea hits… in that case you’re on your own.


  • Discovering the “real” way to Look and Sound great on camera.
    (hint, it’s about way more than just equipment)


  • Learning from Guest expert presenters about topics including (this part is gonna be fun)
    1. “How to Build Your Dream Studio”
    2. “Vocal Coaching”
    3. “How to Present Professionally on Camera”
    4. “How to Edit Video Using Free Software”

The Bottom Line:

You’ll Gain the Ability to Develop and Produce High-Quality Videos,
That Actually Make an Impact on Your Audience.

Dan is the best video teacher you could ask for.
He helped me to gain confidence on camera, and to get out of my head and into action.
I also really enjoyed the cohort aspect, learning with other entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship can be lonely, but this class helped me to learn alongside others in the same boat.
Finally, Dan himself is not only incredibly knowledgeable, but also such a warm and supportive mentor.
I would recommend this cohort course to any entrepreneur, since having video is essential no matter your business these days.


Sarah Wolley
Founder – Goals For Humans

⬇️ Cohort 3 Expert Guest Presenters ⬇️ 

Trent Haire,

Founder, Creator Campfire

Trent is the writer of Creator Campfire and a top-level YouTube Strategist. He is going to cover…


YouTube Algorithm 101


Packaging + Retention


Using Analytics Effectively


Views ≠ Cash

Jeremy Enns,

Founder, Counterweight Creative

Jeremy helps scrappy brands make sense of digital marketing. He will be sharing…


Marketing "WITH" Strategy


How To Identify The Gaps in Your Strategy


The four components of an effective marketing system


Build Out Your Personal Growth Engine

Christina Nicholson,

Founder, Media Maven

Christina helps businesses & owners earn media exposure online and will be covering…


Earned vs. Paid Media


How to Get Featured


Earned Media w/ Video


Turn Publicity Into Profit

⬇️ Cohort 2 Expert Guest Presenters ⬇️ 

Laura Evans-Hill,

Founder of Nifty Fox Creative, and Atomic Visuals™

Laura helps you ditch words and “draw” attention by visualizing your ideas in under 5 minutes. She’ll cover…


How to Visualize Your Expertise


The Power of Visuals to Solve Problems


Using Visuals to Promote Your Products


Developing Your Visual IP

James Dunne,

Founder, Audience Growers

James runs a social media strategy agency called Audience Growers. He is a YouTube expert covering…


Channel Strategy


Create YOUR Audience


Learning Analytics


YouTube as a Business

Jay Clouse,

Founder, Creator Science

Jay is the writer of Creator Science and the host of Creative Elements. He is going to cover…


Video and Creativity


Course Development


Using Video to Earn


Video in Community

Karyl Eckerle,

Founder, Image Impact Group

Karyl helps female leaders maximize their impact through brand and image strategies. She will cover…


Building Credibility


Step Up Your Image


Video For Branding


Video = Image Impact

🪐 Solar System Methodology Framework 🚀

🗓️ The Course Curriculum 🗓️


This is exactly what we’ll be covering every week of the course in August, broken down week by week.
If you’ve got any questions about any of it, feel free to shoot us an email. 📩 



In the first week of the cohort, we establish foundations of content quality and effectiveness. I promise this part won't be boring as we cover:

  • What Makes a Good Video?
  • What Makes a Good Presenter?
  • The Real Power of Video.
  • Equipment and Studio Setup.
  • Gear Recommendations.
  • Who is Our Target Audience?



In the second week of the cohort, we start to get some reps in and begin to feel what it's like to create great video content. It's time for the launch of my 5 P's program. 😋

  • Planning
  • Preparation
  • Production
  • Polish
  • Peer Review



In the third week of the cohort, we will demo our video creations and start to hone and craft our video content together. This is where we start to pan for gold!

  • Content Strategy
  • Solar System Methodology Overview
  • How to Present Live
  • Video Types Study
  • Rough Draft - About Me Video



In the fourth week of the cohort, we finalize our strategy and make final tweaks for our red carpet event. It's time to premiere our final videos.

  • Presenting Like a Pro
  • Solar System Methodology Implementation
  • Making our Space Awesome
  • Creating Content Consistency
  • How to Leverage Distribution



I know it takes courage to trust a professional to help you on your journey. As a brave participant of my pilot "Community-Powered Cohort Course," you will receive:

  • 6 Months of additional community membership to the VFE "Video For Entrepreneurs" Community. Over $500 value
  • Solar System Methodology Strategy Page Template
  • Weekly Office Hours with me in the community
  • Ongoing Access to any educational VFE releases
  • VFE Newsletter Highlight of you and your business

The Number One Question Is, Who Are You, and Why Should I Trust You?

Hi, I’m Dan Bennett


Video Professional and Creator of “Video Content Pros”

I’ve Helped Hundreds of Entrepreneurs Learn How to Look and Sound Great on Camera.

Growing Their Confidence, Audience, and Revenue as a Result!

Taking Years of Knowledge and Expertise Working With Some of the Biggest Brands in the World and Bringing it all to You!

“I can’t overstate how much of a difference having a great video setup has made for my business. You are constantly making first impressions online in video – and if you haven’t invested in making that first impression remarkable, you’re leaving a lot on the table.

You need to take this seriously, and Dan can make you Look and Sound great on video FAST.”


Jay Clouse
Founder of Creator Science


In addition to 8 Live Sessions, you will also be receiving…

4 Video Sprint Saturdays

  • This is where you will realize that working fast and being creative on the fly is actually a superpower.
  • In 2 short hours you will go from idea to completed video!
  • Prepare to surprise yourself often and make better video content than you ever thought possible.

Content Ideation Pool

  • Making videos can feel lonely sometimes. We aim to break that feeling by creating a space for entrepreneurs to discuss, plan, polish and present their video ideas.
  • Working in a collaborative environment can lead to breakthroughs and some of the best ideas you will ever have.

Guest Speaker Sessions

  • I am inviting some of the best in the industry to cover topics important to making great video content.
  • You will hear from industry pros about topics like “How to present well on camera”, “How to create an amazing home video studio”, “How to use video to grow your online business”, and more!

Real Time Feedback Throughout

  • The fastest way to creating great video content is through repetition and real-time feedback including “Non-Technical” feedback.
  • You will be in a collaborative environment full of your peers and video pros who all want to see you get better! Instant feedback will allow you to improve at lightning speed.


Junaid Ahmed,

Founder, Homestudio Mastery

We learned how to give yourself a huge advantage by building your own home studio. He covered…


Room Analysis


Audio treatment


5 Point Lighting


Studio Design

Amy Lokken,

Founder, Mud Modular

We learned how Modular Design can impact your video presence. She covered…


Visual-Spacial Intelligence


Industrial Design


Using Modular Design Elements


How to Own Your Space

Patrick Stirling,

YouTuber, Professional Video Editor

We learned how to accomplish powerful basic edits in DaVinci Resolve. He covered…


Basic Video Edits


How to Navigate DaVinci Resolve


Using Universal Elements


How to Use Presets to Save Time

Kimberly Brown Cain,

Speaker, Musician, Creative Leadership Coach

We learned how to find you voice on camera. She covered…


Vocal Fundamentals


How to Prepare to Film


The Mindset Behind Voice


The Importance of Confidence on Camera




  1. Be more Comfortable, Confident, and Impactful on camera
  2. Leave with 8+ videos that you can share with your audience
  3. Be part of a community that will follow and support your work
  4. Make videos that will blow away your competitors


Due to Policy Abuse We Will No Longer Be Offering a Refund Guarantee. 😟

So, Let’s Recap!

When you join “Video Content Pros” you are going to get:

8 Live Sessions ($3,000 Value)

My unique Solar System Methodology will provide a base for Video Ideation, Content Strategy, and Content Distribution planning.

4 Guest Experts ($2,000 Value)

The VCP cohort will present live surprise guest sessions throughout the course teaching a variety of video and presentation skills.

Critique and Feedback ($750)

Create video content and present it in a safe environment and then receive loving critique and feedback from peers and professionals.

Content Creation Strategy ($2,000 Value)

We will cover the “real” way to Look and Sound Great on Camera. It’s about a lot more than equipment and software.

4 Video Sprints ($1,500 Value)

My unique Solar System Methodology will provide a base for Video Ideation, Content Strategy, and Content Distribution planning.

Solar System Methodology ($2,000 Value)

My unique Solar System Methodology will provide a base for Video Ideation, Content Strategy, and Content Distribution planning.

Content Ideation Pool ($500 Value)

You will leave a video content pro. Together we will reduce the gap between having a great idea and comfortable hitting record.

Community Membership ($1,200 Value)

Imagine after just 4 weeks you are “excited” to make great video content because you know how to show up and present well.

Who is “Video Content Pros” for?

It’s for smart entrepreneurs who know video is important and that their story matters. It’s for people who trust that the more impact you make on your audience the bigger your business will become. Whether you’re a Solopreneur, Coach, Educator, Freelancer, or Content Creator, there’s no situation in which making great video content won’t make a difference in your life.

What people ask me about “Video Content Pros”

These might be some of the questions in your head right now.

Who "IS" Video Content Pros For?

  • People who want more from your business and are committed to getting it. You are ready to make an impact on your audience.
  • People who want to build a brand around your business through video content. You know that story is powerful and the best way to connect.
  • People who are done consuming content and are ready to create their own.
  • People who feel it’s time to leave their mark on the world.
  • People who want to grow your Confidence, Leads, and Revenue by making impactful content for your audience.

Who is Video Content Pros "NOT" For?

  • People who are looking for Tips, Tricks, or Hacks to make video content easy. Creating great video content is “simple” but not “easy”.
  • People who are someone who learns better alone and asynchronously. Video Content Pros is a Community-Powered Cohort.
  • People who are internet averse—someone who doesn’t believe you can truly learn and connect virtually. The entire cohort is online.
  • People who are looking for a video pro to do it all for you. This cohort will rely heavily on homework, demonstration, breakout groups, and feedback.

What Equipment Do I Need to Join This Course?

  • The technical answer is that if you have a Smartphone you can make video content.
  • That being said, I firmly believe that audio is the most important part of creating watch-worthy video content.
  • Minimally I would recommend a "Lavalier" for your iPhone or Android phone.
  • If you are in need of recommendations for equipment, I will personally help you get the right gear before we kick off the cohort!

Will This Really Be Worth My Investment?

  • This isn't an investment to be taken lightly. The results you get will be directly reflective of the effort you put in.
  • This cohort will provide everything you need to become a Video Content Pro.
  • If you are ready to become a "Creator" and not just a "Consumer" then this course will pay you back time and time again upon completion.
  • If you need real figures to wrap your mind around, my daily production rates for a single video are $2,500 per day and my client gets 1 video when we are done.

What Makes This Different Than Any Other Course?

  1. This is a Community-Powered Course, which means that you will have some awesome additional advantages compared to a standard course.
    • Real-Time Feedback from Peers and Professionals
    • An Ideation Pool That Will Help Make Video Creation Easy
    • Weekly Improvement and Video Sprints
    • A Live Question Space so You Are Never Left Wondering
  2. I am harnessing decades of experience helping Fortune 500 Companies, Entrepreneurs, Startups, and Teams and delivering that knowledge to you.
  3. This course focuses on the "Real Power of Video" which is treating video as a vehicle to take Your Stories where they need to go.
  4. You will have access to the "Video For Entrepreneurs" community at large during your cohort which provides TONS of value beyond just the course.
  5. Camaraderie - You will be on this journey with 9 other entrepreneurs and no one will be left behind.
  6. Special Guest Live Presenters who will be pouring their knowledge into our cohort for a little extra fun and learning.

How Much Work is This Going to Take?

  • I am known all around for keeping it real and learning to Look and Sound great on camera is not easy... "Simple" yes, "Easy" no.
  • The beautiful part about "Video Content Pros" is that it's a lot like learning how to ride a bike... Once you have acquired these skills, they will never leave you.
  • As a bonus, learning in a community-powered course environment will allow you to make progress at lightning speed compared to teaching yourself.
  • You will have the benefits of receiving real-time feedback from peers and professionals so you can improve quickly!