Problems that the Video For Entrepreneurs
membership community will help you overcome.


I Suck at Video

I am terrible on camera and I will never get good at this video stuff

I'M still learning

If we are honest with ourselves, we aren’t super good at anything at first. So give yourself time.


No one cares what I have to say, so why should I even make video content.

your audience cares

Whether it’s 1 person or 1M your audience deserves awesome content from you and your brand.

i hate my voice

I don’t mind talking to others, even public speaking is ok.
But I HATE hearing my own voice recorded.

your audience wont

We’re our own worst critics,
that will never change. But remember that 
your voice might help hundreds, thousands or even millions.

I have nothing to say

Ok, so I get the right gear and learn to make great video…
But what will I even talk about?

We've got your back

You have experience on your side
and the “VFE” Community offers support and strategy to our members. You’ll be creating great videos in no time.

i am not creative

Only super talented and creative people can make awesome video content.

you are creative!

Your full creative potential may be untapped, but your ability
to begin creating is your superpower!

I am camera shy

I feel so out of place when I am on camera and I am uncomfortable
when i hit the record button.

You need more practice

I have helped 100’s of
camera shy entrepreneurs
make great videos and we 
ALL have some level of camera shyness. Even me. 😊

What about the trolls

People will judge my content harshly and tear my videos apart online and on social media.

What if you succeed?

There will always be haters. Remember, if they aren’t paying your bills – pay them no mind.
– Ru Paul

The learning curve is way too steep

I already have so much to do
in my business, I can’t add “another” thing to my plate.

it's easier than you think

The reason I built 1 Minute Media is because I know entrepreneurs can do anything!