Transform Your
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In Just 3 Hours

  • Get The Right Equipment
  • Create a Studio You’re Proud Of
  • Look and Sound Great on Camera

Then Watch Your Audience, Confidence, and Revenue Grow!

Look and Sound Great on Camera

Some awesome companies that we have had the pleasure of working with.

The Video Content Pro Difference



“I HIGHLY RECOMMEND “3-Hour Studio” if you want to take your video to the next level. It’s not just about the look of it, but it’s the strategy and execution that was so helpful.

– Julia Toothacre, Founder of Ride The Tide Collective



“Dan helped me build out a professional look for my brand videos, and now I feel like I can comfortably jump on camera and hit record anytime I have a new story to tell.”

– Derek Miller, Founder of Genius Lab Gear



“The very first zoom meeting I got on after working with Dan, the person on the other side just said – Wow, you are a pro! and coming off as professional is what I was after”

– Jordan Godbey, Founder of Growth Community



“I had a challenging situation with my room layout and Dan was great with helping me work around those limiations and create a background with more depth and an overall higher quality look and feel.”

– Lukas , Founder of CortexFutura



“Before I met Dan my bookcases and I were alone in a room I called a home office.
With Dan’s guidance I added a camera, light configuration, and learned just enough
to transform the space into a legit video content studio.”

– David Preston, Founder of Open Source Learning Network



“I knew if I was going to help other professionals create great content,
I needed to look and sound great myself. Dan helped me do just that!”

– Wyatt Steed, Founder of 30 Days of Content



Has to Say About “3-Hour Studio” Founder
Dan Bennett


Transform Your Videos FOREVERin Just 3 Hours!

Don’t get left behind by your competition who are figuring out how to look, sound, and present great on camera!

Follow a proven step-by-step process created by a 15-Year Video Production Professional that will leave you feeling more Confident, Comfortable, and Impactful on camera.

These (3) 1-hour sessions will take away all the pain and difficulty of getting the right equipment, setting up your studio, and implementing a video content strategy so you can just focus on being awesome!

Offline You Are a LegendBut on Camera You Feel More Like an Amateur.

Figuring out how to make your videos look professional is hard…

And it eats up your time.
The countless Google searches on gear…
Hours binging YouTube tutorials about DIY home studios.
Then piecing together advice from all corners of the Internet.

It all adds up.

The result is “ok” videos. But they don’t do you justice.


This weighs you down as you try to jump the bigger hurdle after you hit ‘record’ 🔴

“The very first zoom meeting I got on after 3 Hour Studio, the person on the other side just said “Wow, you are a pro”.

“I wanted to create content, specifically video, and I wanted to look good, sound good and have confidence that the content and the information that I was sharing was going to come across at that high professional level…The very first call that I got on after I set up all this stuff, someone just went “wow!” you are a pro”.

“And that was an amazing feeling because I knew I was a pro”

Jordan Godbey – Founder of Growth Community

Jordan GodbeyJordan Godbey

3 Hour Studio Helps You Create Content Videos With Confidence So You Look and Sound Outstanding 💪

Step in front of the camera and know that you are ready to:

Confidently Share Your Expertise.
Grow Your Business, Your Audience, and Your Revenue.
Make Viewers and Other Entrepreneurs Say “Wow”.
Capture and Distribute Your Best Work Yet.

It’s time to get to a point where you are “excited” to hit the record button! 🔴

“I can’t overstate how much of a difference having a great video setup has made for my business. You are constantly making first impressions online in video – and if you haven’t invested in making that first impression remarkable, you’re leaving a lot on the table.

You need to take this seriously, and Dan can make you Look and Sound great on video FAST.”


Jay Clouse
Founder of Creator Science

Here’s How We Make it Happen



In hour 1, we’ll discuss your equipment needs, budget, studio layout, and video strategy.

Ending with a game plan for your video content strategy.



I’ll create a customized list of the best video equipment for your needs, environment, and budget. 

All you have to do is unbox and enjoy your gear.


Lights, Camera,

In hour 2, I’ll help you set up and test your new equipment and studio space.

You create a sample video. I’ll do a “Hot Sauce” edit for you!



In hour 3, you see your professionally edited video and we make final adjustments.

You hit the ground running and start making videos like a pro.

Hi, I’m Dan Bennett

I am so glad you found “3 Hour Studio” and have taken a moment to read my words. Fair warning… the Video is better. 🤣

I am the Founder of “Video For Entrepreneurs” and my mission is to help entrepreneurs – “You” – learn how to look and sound great on camera. We do this through Cohort Based Courses, Private Community Membership, and now awesome digital products like “3 Hour Studio”.

I have helped some of the biggest brands in the world capture their stories on video, driving sales, and now I want to do the same for you. When Entrepreneurs like you look and sound great on camera, that causes your confidence, audience, and revenue to grow!

The number 1 thing I am after is helping you to make the gap between having a great idea and comfortably hitting record on your camera, to become as small as possible.

💡 🧠 ➡️ 🎥 🔴

3 Hour Studio - Look and Sound Great on Camera3 Hour Studio - Look and Sound Great on Camera

You’re Just 3 Hours Away

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3-Hour Studio


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Everything From Package #2

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Professional Microphone and Arm

Gear & Accessories Drop Shipped to You

“Dan helped me create a crowdfunding video to try and raise $15,000 for a professional project.

Spoiler alert! The campaign was a huge success and then some.”


Andrew Dalton
Business Analyst & Audio Engineer

I have now landed 3 videos on “Authority Magazine’s” website!

Dan understands not just the technical aspects of video, but also how to help you get your “Story” out to your audience.


Carol Lempert
Learning Designer